Bathhouse Betty's Diaries

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Logline Julie Halters inherits a Los Angeles based bathhouse and is forced to deal with her own sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes when faced with the sexist, racist and ageist attitudes of her own staff. Tagline “Everything ELSE you wanted to know about sex” An edgy, politically incorrect progeny of All in the Family, The Richard Pryor Show and Cheers, Bathhouse Betty Diaries follows the lives of an eclectic motley of characters that work in a Los Angeles-based bathhouse inherited by Julie Halters, a sheltered recent college graduate who when faced with the sexist, racist and ageist attitudes of her own staff, is forced to acknowledge her own sexist, racist and homophobic attitudes. This innovative adult comedy throws a humorous spotlight on America’s post-911 prejudices, frailties and inconsistencies by showing, in a mature fashion, how we are all bound by them and how absurd they are.

Character Bios

F, 35, Elitist, professional student, afraid to face life in the “real world” so has stayed in school and amassed a succession of masters degrees. Engaged to a wealthy and controlling CPA with hopes of her being a stay at home wife. Has been living off of her mother’s substantial income all of her life. Has little common sense/street smarts. Maddox Reed
M, 33, African American, passive, pushover, easily influenced, childish, handsome Assistant Manager of the Bathhouse. Has spent his entire life trying to make other people happy, starting with (and continuing with) his mother. He is very codependent (he has never lived alone) and usually can not make a decision unless it is approved by friends, family and/or co-workers.
M, 23, Mexican-American, aggressive, feminine, flamboyant, racially insensitive cashier. Considers himself to be Caucasian and privileged, does not relate to his Mexican heritage at all.
Trainer Douglas
M, 28, African-American/Native American/Caucasian, militant, overbearing, quick tempered fair skinned cashier who spends most of his time preaching about the indignities suffered by minorities.
Levi Dreyfus
M, 62, Korean American, wise, solemn, quick witted, spiritual regular Bathhouse patron. He is the father figure and mentor of the Bathhouse. Levi was best friends with prior owner.

Angel Divinaso
M, 22, Puerto Rican, young, naive, bubble-headed, extremely attractive cashier/cleaner. Has gotten by all of his life on his insanely good looks.


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