Angel Divinaso

Christian Navarro
Conor Husting
 Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.

Name: Angel Divinaso

Age: Early 20's

Height: 5'9"

Ethnicity: Mexican

Gender:  Male

Nickname: N/A

Clothing Style: Tight clothes that show off his muscular body, always tight, tight pants

Hairstyle: Heavily Coiffed updo

Eyewear: N/A

Complexion: Warm Golden

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Dr. Brown

Weight/Body shape: Muscular

Emotional Level: Looks extremely good… and knows it. Needs attention and needs people to fawn over him… low self-esteem, but very playful, and happy.

Occupation: Cashier/Cleaner of the bathhouse

Income: $18/hr

Location: East L.A.

Transportation: City Bus

Marital Status: Has a Girlfriend who doesn't know he's gay

Children: Newborn baby girl

Family Information: Mother was an illegal alien and had Angel when she crossed the border. Angel is a US citizen. She, however, was deported when he was three years old. Raised by his loving Uncle and Aunt. They are aware of his sexuality and though supportive… try to pray the gay out of him

Pets: two Dobermans, salt and pepper

Political Party: Democratic

Nemesis (Why): Eddie Lopez in his high school used to pick on him because he was so small and jealous of his good looks

Interests: animation, comics, superheroes, drag queens

Quirks/Vices: loves tattoos, falls in love way too easy: needs that validation. Hates being ignored.

Extra Information: Misses his mom deeply and is very proud of his Mexican heritage

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Christian Navarro, Conor Husting, Jorge Lendeborg, Jr.

Favorite Music Style: Top 40 Pop: Ariana Granda, Lady Gaga, Madonna

Band: Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Place to Visit: Mexico, to see his mom and step sisters/brothers

Favorite Movie/Book (why): Twilight, books and movies, likes vampires and loves the love story aspects

Best Friend (why): Jésus. Despite Jésus' constant refusal of his heritage, they both have a lot in common, including the heritage Jésus runs away from and they share a lot of deep personal things with each other. The main thing they have in common, they LOVE Mexican food

Favorite Number: 1

Favorite Food: Mexican

Least Favorite Food: Thai

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: N/A

Chemical Dependency: N/A

Criminal Past: N/A

Religious Beliefs: Catholic

Educational Level: Graduated High School

Oddest thing that has ever happened to him: His Uncle, who is an immigration attorney, went on a corporate "crossing the Mexican Border" experience and took his preteen nephew with him. He got separate from the rest of the party and was beamed up into a UFO who's inhabitants questioned him about Earth and beamed him back when he played them "Baby" by Justin Bieber on his walkman which seemed to destroy their sense.

Personal goal yet achieved: Going to college

Most afraid of (why): Disappointing his mom, because she sacrificed everything for him to live in the U.S.

Greatest Strength: His beauty

Greatest Weakness: His gullibility and low self esteem

Where does character see herself in 10 years: Modeling and creating his own comic strip

Sexual Fantasy/preference: Truly making love with one person who is honestly in love with him

Musically inclined: Can dance extremely well

Biggest Regret (Why): Never applying for America's Next top Model when it was on the air, he just procrastinated and never did, felt was a shoe-in to win the whole thing and could use the money to help mom get back to the U.S.

Special Talents: Can stomp down a runway like no one's business, incredible artist

Any family traditions: Aunt makes and sells alebrijes which Angel has always thoroughly enjoyed making with her. A lot of his artwork incorporates aspects of their alebrijes. Sunday is alebrijes day in their house

Relate character to another movie persona: Regina "Regine" Hunter from Living Single. Self obsessed, arrogant and narcissistic but a good person with a good heart and fiercely loyal.