David Riley

Aldis Hodge
Lance Gross
Jeremy Pope

Name: David Riley

Age: early 30's

Height: 5'9"

Ethnicity: African American

Gender: Male

Nickname: N/A

Clothing Style: Preppy, fresh/clean-cut, fitted pants, polo shirts, solid colors, never patterns

Hairstyle: closely shorn, neat, military-style

Eyewear:  N/A

Complexion:  Dark/smooth

Eye Color: Dk Brown

Hair Color: Black/Bald

Weight/Body shape: Muscular Swimmers build

Emotional Level: Easy going, friendly, even-tempered, very masculine. Leaning on the extroverted side, he is a conversationalist but is usually the voice of reason amongst his friends/coworkers. Self-deprecating

Occupation: Assistant Manager of the bathhouse

Income: $35,000/yr 

Location: Hollywood

Transportation: Rav4

Marital Status: Single 

Children: None

Family Information: Originally from San Diego, has two older brothers Kelsey and John who love him unconditionally though are unaware of where he works. Parents divorced while young, mom, nurse, raised them alone, never remarried. Dad, an investment banker, remarried three times, lives in New York City with his current wife. Though not necessarily destitute, is the least successful of his brothers: Kelsey-Real state Agent, John-Kindergarten teacher. Loving family and gives him support and love, but ALL of them do wish he were straight and working someplace else. Feels his homosexuality is a "phase" and is holding him back. 

Pets: one Pitbull, Mac

Political Party: Democrat

Nemesis (Why): High School Best Friend Tony who bitterly rejected him when came out and actively did things to destroy his reputation, relationships, and teenage pride. Dissolved the relationship but ever once in awhile Tony appears to gossip about him to friends and family. Tony is a successful entrepreneur with a chain of sports equipment stores but is completely jealous of the fact that David is gay and living his best life. Tony trapped in a loveless marriage with a wife who clearly knows that he is gay and is only sticking around for the money. 

Interests: Sports, painting, camping

Quirks/Vices: A teetotaler, has never had a drink of alcohol in his life, which he has always been teased about. Also teased about his masculine demeanor and appearance, no one thinks he's really gay. Slightly OCD: hates disorder and messiness. 

Extra Information: Used to be a jock in high school but a knee injury permanently sidelined him. In physical therapy, realized he was gay and had first experience with an older physical therapist. Family supportive of him, BFF Tony not and coerced friends and school to reject him bitterly. Prom date deserted him, went with a lovely nerd girl who accepted him, then later killed by a drunk driver that night. One of the reasons he is a teetotaler.

Whole HS experience lowered his expectations of life. His self-esteem took a beating. Doesn't expect too much out of life. He gives great advice to people that he never takes himself 

"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it"

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Aldis Hodge, Lance Gross, Jeremy Pope

Favorite Music Style: "Alternative Neo Hip-Hop" Kid Kudi, Luppe Fiasco, Talib Kweli

Band: DeLaSoul

Favorite Place to Visit: Hawaii

Favorite Movie/Book (why): The Sellout by Paul Beatty, loves the sarcasm and the interpolation of African American culture

Best Friend (why): Trainer Douglas, met Trainer at LGBT Center when coming out and the two became fast friends. Never a hint of attraction between the two, they are not each other's types. They both love basketball and having loud fun conversations.

Favorite Number: 2 (Peace)

Favorite Food: Honey

Least Favorite Food: Rice

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: Lactose Intolerant

Chemical Dependency: N/A

Criminal Past: N/A

Religious Beliefs: Baháʼí Faith

Educational Level: High School Graduate. Trainer helped David get job at Bathhouse directly after high school. Planed on going to college to study physical therapy but never did. Trainer did go on to college to study translation

Oddest thing that has ever happened to him: Went to a psychic once and all of their predictions turned out to be true. Scared him so much he never went back. 

Personal goal yet achieved: Getting a college degree

Most afraid of (why): Acquiring HIV. He stands in judgment of people who are HIV+ and does think that it is a moral disease. It is his consummate fear. 

Greatest Strength: His ability to access situations and problem solve

Greatest Weakness: Low self-esteem, not aware of how great he is

Where does the character see herself in 10 years: Owning the bathhouse

Sexual Fantasy/preference: Had experiences with women but is homosexual. Sexual fantasy would be to make love in a boat in the middle of the ocean

Musically inclined: Can play the guitar

Biggest Regret (Why): Not being able to help his prom date who was killed the night of his prom

Special Talents: Can dance very well

Any family traditions: always wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident

Relate character to another movie persona: Derek Shepherd a.k.a. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy. Prince Charming with flaws, inscrutably tied to his male ego yet charming and loveable