Jesús O’Toole

Roy Haylock a.k.a. Bianca Del Rio
Tyler Blackburn
Nicholas Gonzalez

Name: Jesús O’Toole

Age: Early 20's

Height: 6'0"

Ethnicity: Mexican American

Gender: Male

Nickname: Jesus

Clothing Style: Flashy, effeminate, silks, blouses, kaftans

Hairstyle: bald

Eyewear: N/A

Complexion: fair-skinned

Eye Color: Dk Brown

Hair Color: Bald

Weight/Body shape: Thin

Emotional Level: Excitable, flamboyant, comical, loud, argumentative, insensitive. Usually says the first thing that pops in his head, his mouth is connected to his ID. But his bark is louder than his bite, a total defense mechanism in order for him to not be hurt.

Occupation: Cashier of the bathhouse

Income: $18/hr

Location: Echo Park

Transportation: City Bus

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Family Information: Begrudgingly adopted by a racist Irish couple when his biological mother, their maid, abandoned him at birth. Was raised upper class with their elitist system of values until they violently threw him out of their house when they caught him having sex with another boy at 15 years of age, has been living on his own ever since. Considers himself to be Caucasian and privileged, does not relate to his Mexican heritage at all.

Pets: One Cat, Peaches

Political Party: Republican

Nemesis (Why): Adopted Brother Wayne. Wayne is the biological son of his parents and desperately wants his family restored. Wayne is pure goodness and kindness which Jésus resents. He also resents that Wayne married an African American woman thus reducing his White privilege, a privilege he works everyday to claim… though he is not White.

Interests: Makeup, models, fashion

Quirks/Vices: Though he dresses in an effeminate manner, he has never done drag and actually considers drag to be an abomination to the male spirit. Hates being alone. Does not like change.

Extra Information: He considers the job to be temporary until he secures himself a position within some right-wing Republican organization. Definitely believes in pulling yourself by your own bootstraps and does not take kindly to people who use excuses to not succeed. Lives with four roommates in a two-bedroom house.

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Roy Haylock a.k.a. Bianca Del Rio, Tyler Blackburn, Nicholas Gonzalez

Favorite Music Style: Irish Rock - Cathy Davey, Gemma Hayes, Jinx Lennon

Band: Heathers

Favorite Place to Visit: Boston, MA - City with the highest population of Irish Americans

Favorite Movie/Book (why): The Blackwater Lightship by Colm Tóibín. Colm was his mother's favorite author and he fell in line with reading all of his work. One of the characters in the book is dying from complications due to AIDS and he himself is HIV+ so he relates.

Best Friend (why): His roommate, a girl named Frank who is a tattoo artist and whom he can share all of his vulnerabilities with and she never stands in judgment of him

Favorite Number: 15, the year he feels he found himself

Favorite Food: Chilaquiles

Least Favorite Food: Irish

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: Allergen to Seafood

Chemical Dependency: pothead

Criminal Past: busted for solicitation and possession as a teenager

Religious Beliefs: Christian

Educational Level: High School Graduate. Currently in Junior College studying fashion

Oddest thing that has ever happened to him: Propositioning a man for sex that turned out to be his bi0logical father

Personal goal yet achieved: President of the United States

Most afraid of (why): Being left alone. Has severe abandonment issues stemming from his biological mother leaving him, prefers to be in a crowd of people, being in a room by himself unnerves him, it makes him feel as if he will disappear and everything about him will be forgotten

Greatest Strength: Gathering a crowd, a true salesman at heart

Greatest Weakness: overbearing, insensitive, prone to delusions of grandeur

Where does character see herself in 10 years: part-time model/part-time politician

Sexual Fantasy/preference: Gay. Cloning himself and his doppelgangers making love to different parts of a King Kong-sized bodybuilder

Musically inclined: nope

Biggest Regret (Why): not stealing his parents cash when he was thrown out into the streets

Special Talents: Has perfect penmanship

Any family traditions: leave when things get tough

Relate character to another movie persona: Jack Mcfarland from Will & Grace. The comic foil of the story, Jésus' flamboyant and obnoxious antics tend to loosen up heavy moments within the show, but his own background punches an equally heavy punch of pathos