Julie Halters

Jodie Sweetin
Chrishell Stause
Kelly Osbourne

Name: Julie Halters

Age: Early 30's

Height: 5'5"

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Gender: Female

Nickname: Jewels

Clothing Style: Plain Jain Understated, monochromatic non labels, unfussy

Hairstyle: Lose, flowy, unstyled

Eyewear:  N/A

Complexion:  Alabaster

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde

Weight/Body shape: On the thin side

Emotional Level: Introverted, soft spoken, would rather blend in than stand up and make a noise. Good heart and wants to do the right thing but was raised with a value system in which "the right thing" is the "White thing" 

Occupation: Student, for the past 12 years

Income: $60,000/yr from dad and revolving student loans

Location: Culver City

Transportation: Kia Rio

Marital Status: In a loveless engagement with Derrick Johnathan, up and coming actor. 

Children: None

Family Information: Single child of Gloria Knutsen, makeup artist, and Alan Halters, high profile talent agent. Idyllic childhood in North Hollywood, parents spoiled her, wanted her to be more outgoing and opinionated. They fully expected her to turn out to be a Paris Hilton-esque entitled celbutante but spent the majority of her life trying to avoid the archetype and the crowd. So much so, that she hasn't put in a lot of time figuring out who she really is. 

Pets: Derrick's bird, whom she hates

Political Party: Republican

Nemesis (Why): Jesus O'Toole. Because he thinks that she is racist and she hates being thrown into that category just because of her demographic of a rich White girl. 

Interests: Cooking, Horror Movies, Bowling, Beer

Quirks/Vices: Hates cigarette smoke, very sensitive to the texture of foods (hates cake, pancakes, oatmeal, anything with a particular texture), loves the taste of beer and burping

Extra Information: Very little exposure to other cultures and is not hate filled but is protective and paranoid about being in such close proximity of people so different that she. Fearful they might hurt her or make fun of her and the only information she has about this minority groups is from the media… she it is completely wrong and she constantly puts her foot in her mouth accidentally. 

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Jodie Sweetin, Chrishell Stause, Kelly Osbourne

Favorite Music Style: Alternative Female Rockers - Tori Amos, Caroline Polachek, Fiona Apple

Band: HAIM

Favorite Place to Visit: Paris, France

Favorite Movie/Book (why): The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks she loves soapy, harlequin Romances

Best Friend (why): Cherry Niles, bisexual, biracial woman BFF she met while in college. Loves her extroverted spirit and thinks she represents all the pieces of her that she wishes she had

Favorite Number: 1

Favorite Food: Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Least Favorite Food: Eggs (hates the texture)

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: Allergy to soy

Chemical Dependency: N/A

Criminal Past: N/A

Religious Beliefs: Christian

Educational Level: Three Masters - Masters of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Social Psychology and Master in Information Technology and passed the CA Bar Exam

Oddest thing that has ever happened to her: Inadvertently missed going out on a date with a dude that turned out to be a serial killer 

Personal goal yet achieved: Running the LA Marathon

Most afraid of (why): Being in the spotlight and center of attention. Values her privacy and has existed so long in the shadowy background that she is afraid of what she would really look like in the sunlight

Greatest Strength: Super book smart

Greatest Weakness: Zero street smarts

Where does character see herself in 10 years: Married with three kids

Sexual Fantasy/preference: Heterosexual, fantasy to have a threesome in which she was totally in control of the situation

Musically inclined: Nope

Biggest Regret (Why): The beginning of the relationship with her fiancé. He was married at the time they met.

Special Talents: Can hold her breathe for two full minutes underwater

Any family traditions: Any room I the house can be dirty except for the kitchen. The kitchen is sacred

Relate character to another movie persona: Pam Beesly from the Office. Quiet, reserved, ptoperand super smart whose quiet rivers run miles deep under the surface