Levi Dreyfus

Jon Jon Briones
George Takei
B.D. Wong

Name: Levi Dreyfus

Age: Early 60's

Height: 5'5"

Ethnicity: Korean

Gender: Male

Nickname: N/A

Clothing Style: Nudist, casual, thrift store clothing

Hairstyle: balding, long grey ponytail

Eyewear: wire brim glasses

Complexion: pale

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: long grey ponytail

Weight/Body shape: skinny with a belly

Emotional Level: even keel wise old man, humorous and sexual but his voice is always even deadpan tone. Loveable with a dry sense of humor

Occupation: Retired Software Engineer

Income: $3.5M in Savings. $2M Stocks and Bonds

Location: Marina Del Rey

Transportation: Lexus, Porsche and BMW he rarely drives

Marital Status: Gratefully Single

Children: N/A

Family Information: Parents were first generation immigrants from Korea and opened successful donut shop in San Francisco. Has two younger brothers and one younger sister. One brother passed away due to gang violence as a teenager and remaining brother does not approve of his sexuality. He and sister get along fabulously. Parents begrudgingly accepted his lifestyle before they passed. Always had a passion for computers and technology and moved to Silicon Valley to find his fortune, which he did. Sister and brother are both married and doing well, but Levi by far is the most financially successful. However he is very low key and he never flaunts his wealth, they (and no one really) have no idea how rich he is.

Pets: Several catfish, zebra Danios and coy

Political Party: Green Party

Nemesis (Why): Brother, Park, a highly religious man who married a rich White man and is fully committed to living the American dream

Interests: Painting, BDSM, Yoga

Quirks/Vices: Has been a nudist his whole life, wasn't until he moved to Silicon Valley when he realized that it was a "thing." Found a group of people were also nudists and found his "tribe." Also discovered BDSM and found that he was very interested in it.

Extra Information: A loner at heart, he prefers solitude and solitary tasks. It was one of the problems he had with the nudist and BDSM communities in which they wanted to push him up through the ranks to hold a high position in their organizations and celebrations and he adamantly did not want to be a representative of those groups, he just wanted to be nude and practice BDSM.

Met owner of bathhouse at Silicone Valley who convinced him to come out of his cave and enjoy the company of other people. It was he who introduced him to BDSM and the joy of connecting sexually with other people. He hangs out at the bathhouse partly because of the sex but mainly for the comradery of his friends. He has a driver drive him there almost everyday. This is his retirement life and he loves it.

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Jon Jon Briones, George Takei, B.D. Wong

Favorite Music Style: 70's Rock - Boston, Led Zepplin, The Doors

Band: Fleetwood Mac

Favorite Place to Visit: Korea, he loves his homeland

Favorite Movie/Book (why): The Tao of Pooh, changed his life and the way he views the world and God

Best Friend (why): The Owner of the Bathhouse, they met back in Silicone Valley, they were never lovers but their friendship was much more deeper than sex. They "understood" each other, prayed the same prayers, had the same God. They were each other' soulmates. The owner pulled him out of his "cave" and convinced him to come out and play every once in awhile. He was devastated when he died.

Favorite Number: 100

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Least Favorite Food: Beef

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: N/A

Chemical Dependency: N/A

Criminal Past: Arrested for several political protests back in San Francisco

Religious Beliefs: Kabbalist Taoist

Educational Level: B.A. Computer Science

Oddest thing that has ever happened to him: Did opium with William Burroughs in Tibet in the 80's and met Satan. Found out he was not such a bad guy, just had bad PR and a really small penis.

Personal goal yet achieved: Falling In love

Most afraid of (why): not being the smartest, wisest person in the room. He feels this is what he ahsto offer the world and without it, he has nothing (a bit of a narcissist in this way)

Greatest Strength: Wisdom

Greatest Weakness: Age, sometimes he can be completely out of touch with modern-day technology and culture

Where does character see herself in 10 years: In the bathhouse, with his friends

Sexual Fantasy/preference: a gold star gay, never had sex with a woman, prefers group sex, fantasy is marathon orgy, which he has fulfilled several times over in his life

Musically inclined: classically trained pianist

Biggest Regret (Why): never trying to take his relationship with the owner to another level, now that he's gone, will never have the chance

Special Talents: Can perfectly execute all 26 postures of Bikram Yoga

Any family traditions: Eating a bowl of tteokguk as family to celebrate their Korean birthday on Seollao, the lunar new year

Relate character to another movie persona: Mr. Miyagi. Calm. Serene. Wise. Funny.