Trainer Douglas

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Jussie Smollett
Robert Ri'chard

Name: Trainer Douglas

Age: Late 20's

Height: 5' 10"

Ethnicity: Multiracial (Black/White/Latino/Filipino)

Gender: Male

Nickname: N/A

Clothing Style: Military Fatigues

Hairstyle: Afro

Eyewear: Wears glasses/ Contact Lenses

Complexion: Carmel Medium Complexion

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Med Brown/Red

Weight/Body shape: Muscular

Emotional Level: Angry, militant, overbearing, quick-tempered, spends most of his time preaching about the indignities suffered by African Americans and African American homosexuals in an effort to prove to people (and himself) that he is African American.

Occupation: Cashier

Income: $18/hr

Location: Leimert Park

Transportation: Hyundai Elantra

Marital Status: Divorced

Children: N/A

Family Information: Raised middle class with his dark-skinned twin brother by his dark-skinned African American/Native American father and Caucasian mother, Trainer was inundated with African American culture since his birth. His mother was a sociology major and welcome the surplus of culture and information her husband brought to the household and her life.

In high school, he and his brother went very separate ways with his brother being influenced by gangs and drugs and he diving headfirst into "nerdom" with his head always stuck in a book. After his brother got sent away for Grand Theft Auto, Trainer came out of the closet, something no one in his family approved of but his parents rationalized that if the worst they have to worry about with Trainer is that he likes dudes, it was light years away from the legal and financial bin his brother put the family in.

When he started going to the clubs, he was usually the only Black person there though sometimes his newly formed friends mistook him as White and said horribly racist things in front of him. It was here his pro-Black militant stance was formed and he destroyed his newly formed friendships with gay people with his militant attitude about Black politics. He also destroyed his old friends with his Black friends with his militant attitude about Gay politics. Satisfied to be the lone wolf, he found a kindred spirit with David at the LGBT center who shared his same beliefs accepted his loud, aggressive, antics.

His parents "Tolerate" his sexuality and antics but hopes that he will get back together with his High School sweetheart who he married and divorced. His brother does not accept him anymore at all.

Pets: N/A

Political Party: Socialist

Nemesis (Why): His brother Paris Jr. whose homophobia only increased when he went to jail. Does not approve of his brother's sexuality and feels his Militant attitude is just a façade

Interests: racial equality, gay marriage and stem cell research

Quirks/Vices: He and brother Paris Jr. were always overweight/obese. While incarcerated, Trainer wound up losing a ton of weight while Paris Jr. gained weight. Has a predilection to big men (bears). Hates being cold. Is a vegan

Extra Information: He hopes one day to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer but has never put any REAL effort into it outside of performing at Karaoke bars and sleeping with music interns. Wants to change the world with his music

If you had a choice, who would play this character: Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman, Jussie Smollett, Robert Ri'chard

Favorite Music Style:  R&B, Neo-Soul - MeShell NdegeOcello, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott

Band: The Roots

Favorite Place to Visit: Harlem, NY, romanticizes the Harlem renaissance

Favorite Movie/Book (why): A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J Gaines, the only book that made him cry, made him reevaluate the purpose of education and reading in his life

Best Friend (why): David Riley, consider him his soul mate. Contemplated taking their relationship to another level but is horrified at the idea of them not being friends

Favorite Number: four, number people in his family as a child

Favorite Food: Collard greens

Least Favorite Food: Steak

Allergies or Physical Handicaps: Diabetic but has been off medication since weight loss

Chemical Dependency: N/A

Criminal Past: N/A

Religious Beliefs: Catholic

Educational Level: Went to school to study music and sound engineering but dropped out to tour as back up singer for Usher

Oddest thing that has ever happened to him: Had sex with pastor Eddie Long. Did not know it was pastor Eddie Long at the time.

Personal goal yet achieved: Record an album

Most afraid of (why): Flying, crashing (not being in control)

Greatest Strength: He is a very passionate brotha

Greatest Weakness: He does not know when to cut it off

Where does character see herself in 10 years: Winning a Grammy, his songs the stuff of protest legend

Sexual Fantasy/preference: Gay. Having intense sex backstage at one of his concerts with his Black Liberation partner

Musically inclined: Absolutely

Biggest Regret (Why): Going on tour with Usher, never got paid, bad experience, was never able to get his career back on track

Special Talents: Can sing country songs in perfect hootnanny pitch

Any family traditions: Prayers before bedtime

Relate character to another movie persona: Burnie Mac. Loud. Aggressive. Offensive. But with a heart of gold.